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What are the differences in car insurance?

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What is car insurance and why is it essential?

Getting car insurance is important and most customers want to ensure they are making the right decision. Car insurance will protect you in the car of an accident. A policy will protect damage to your car and any injuries that you may incur. It will also protect you if you hit another car. Whether you are a first-time driver or just repricing your policy, knowing more about your premiums and coverages is vital to making the right decision for you. Most states require insurance, but not all. Find out what the legal requirements are in your local area.

How your premium calculated? 

When determining what you should pay, insurance companies calculate a variety of factors. Some factors include your vehicle make and model, your age, if you are married, your credit score, gender, and your location. This can seem random at times but can help your insurance provider figure out the risk of an accident. Unlike, some urban legends, having a red or bright colored car does not change your rates. How much you drive could affect your rates. Commuting, for example, is often more costly than occasional driving. Be aware that a ticket or accident can change your premium. Your premium is typically evaluated every six months.

What are the different types?

There are many options and coverages. A Certain amount of coverages may be mandated by law. May others be optional? So, how do you decide? Are certain types of coverages more important than others? A lot of information is out there and you may feel overloaded with choices. The first coverage to be aware of is a bodily injury liability. This helps protect you financially if you injure someone else. Similarly, medical protection will cover both the driver and passenger of your car. Property damage coverage is for damage to a car, fence, home, or other property. Similarly, collision is meant to protect you in the case of your car flipping over or getting hit by an object. Uninsured motorist coverage will help if the person causing the accident does not have insurance. The same goes for underinsured motorist coverage. Comprehensive coverage will help if your car is stolen or otherwise damaged. All of these can help protect you and your vehicle. Be aware that not all insurance policies will cover every incident. Knowing your policy in and out will help you understand your liabilities.

How should you approach buying car insurance?

Finding the right auto insurance for you and your vehicle can be a difficult process if you don’t know where to start. First, you should talk to the company. You may choose to compare rates. As every company is priced differently, you may encounter a range of bids.  OIG Insurance has many providers, allowing us to provide you with quality service. Furthermore, we have can go over the policies with you and ensure you are comfortable with the results. Never sign up for a policy that you are unsure what is covered. You should know what you are paying for and what is provided.