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What Insurance is Best for Small Businesses?

By August 31, 2018 No Comments

Without financial success, small businesses are unable to thrive. The best way to maintain and have financial security is by investing in a great type of insurance. Sure, it’s easy to say, but what types of insurance is best for small businesses to have?

Workers Compensation

We’ve all heard of this type of insurance, and it can be scary to those that think they can’t afford worker’s comp – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are great plans available that allow you to abide by the law while giving your business a veil of protection.

Business Owner’s Insurance

Also known as a BOP, the aforementioned policy is one that should work with the needs and wants of the company and owner, coupling it into a single policy. This can also add bonus protection if the umbrella policy doesn’t cover something specific. The core of this type of policy rides alongside the general liability policies and can offer a rock-solid shell for your business plan.

General Liability 

Another type of insurance a small business should invest in includes general liability. Not having this type of insurance could mean that your business may face high compensatory charges if someone becomes injured or something becomes seriously damaged. This type of insurance always works hand in hand with worker’s comp.


The next type of insurance is pretty self-explanatory and is to ensure that your businesses’ future is more secure. An umbrella policy is yet another bonus layer of protection that ensures you have additional coverage on top of the other insurance policies. Any loopholes from other insurance can be untied when you incorporate umbrella coverage within the mix.

When another policy is unable to cover something, the umbrella insurance policy swoops in from the depths of the storm to save you and keep you dry. If you are prone to claims and lawsuits and want added protection, look into an umbrella policy from a reputable insurance company.

Insurance is a Small Business Staple

Before you head off and start your dream business, you should never ignore insurance. Even though you may think that you won’t have anyone putting a claim against you, there are sharks out there willing to smell out and attack a vulnerable and brand-new business. Always stay protected make sure to compile research for the most reputable insurance businesses before choosing.

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