OIG Insurance works with many large companies that subcontract out much of their work. Many of these companies will have very specific insurance requirements for their subcontractors. Some of these companies require specific endorsements that are added on to each policy. Some examples of these endorsements are CG 2010- Additional Insured, CG 20 37- Ongoing and Completed Operations Coverage, CG 20 44 Blanket Waiver of Subrogation, Primary and Non-Contributory coverage, and per Project coverage. OIG is able to make certain that all of these insurance requirements are met and that the individual subcontractor is getting the best price that is available in the market for this coverage.

OIG also prides itself on making certain that all of these companies sub-contractors are insured when they are out doing work. We send out a weekly cancellation email to each hiring manager or insurance compliance director making them aware of which subcontractors have either an expiring policy or a policy that is set to cancel in the near future. WE are also very attentive to send out certificates of insurance as quickly as possible in order to verify coverage. Nothing is more important to us than being certain that every contractor has the required insurance at all times protecting the company for whom they are sub-contracting.

“"I have been sending all of my subcontractors to OIG Insurance for years and have never been disappointed. They always make sure that my subs have all of the required insurance at the best price available. Also, they send me a weekly cancel report so I know exactly when subs policies are going to expire or cancel so I can be sure that everyone in the field is covered. When I send a new hire to OIG they often have a certificate of Insurance in my hands within the hour and when I request a certificate for one of my existing subs I have it in minutes. The service at OIG is second to none and I can always count on them."”

Brandon Pridgen, TRS Communications

“"I have been sending my trainees to OIG Insurance for years and have never been disappointed. Most of my new hires are in between jobs and looking for the lowest cost of entry possible. Sometimes the startup costs for insurance and other expenses can be a hurdle for these hires. I know that when I send them to Jeff or Melisa at OIG Insurance, they are going to get the lowest price for the policies they need to have. They have gone above and beyond to be a partner with us to make sure my guys have what they need at the best price. I can’t say enough about the service at OIG Insurance."”

Fred Fernandez, Kablelink Communications