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Post-Hurricane Worry: Is Your Car Covered?

By October 9, 2017 No Comments

Dealing with a hurricane, especially one damaging enough, can be traumatic. You shouldn’t have to worry about additional expenses after the break of day. In order to combat this, you’ll want to invest in the proper insurance to take care of vehicle damages once the weather has settled.

The Types of Vehicle Coverage

Unfortunately, not everything is covered under one umbrella policy, and you should know what comes included in your comprehensive coverage or collision coverage. You may think you’re covered for flooding and other damages, but you could be mistaken.

Collision Coverage – With this type of coverage, the insurance policy deals with loss or damages when your car has collided with an object (car, wall, median, etc.), or your car becomes overturned. While the term “overturn” would cause you to think that you have to flip your car for something to be covered, “overturn” may also mean if it flips to the side or loses equilibrium. Say that you are driving into flood waters (standing, to be exact), and the power of the current sweeps your vehicle and causes you to hit something else, this would fall under “collision” for most, if not all cases. Water is generally considered an object, weirdly enough; however, you might not want to jump the shark and purchase collision automatically.

Comprehensive Coverage – For those that are purchasing a policy for when the hurricanes come, you may want to go towards a comprehensive coverage policy. Sure, a collision may help you during that once instance, but what about the other scenarios brought on by hurricane force floods? With a comprehensive plan, you’ll be covered when hail strikes, when flood waters rise, and when other damages happen during flooding or an abundance of water. If you won’t be driving your car out of the storm most of the time, the comprehensive coverage is the way to go.

Distinctions are Imperative

You never know what roads you may take or plans you may follow-through when a hurricane hits. Most of the time, you aren’t prepared for the severity, or you didn’t plan for a certain event to occur. Whether hail, rain, or lightning strikes, you should always have some sort of coverage on your car, as it is your lifeline between your home and evacuation. Always make sure to read your policy before committing, as your climate and region may ultimately decide what you purchase.

Those planning on riding out most of the storms should invest in a comprehensive policy, while others that evacuate every time (no matter how rough it is), should invest in collision coverage just to be sure. While we still encourage everyone to purchase a comprehensive plan because natural disasters are covered, we think that you should cater to your evacuation style and your emergency plans. Without, your policy may almost be worthless. Discuss with a representative today at OIG Insurance to create a plan that works for your lifestyle and your budget, while giving you peace of mind.