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Hurricane Season is Around the Corner! Are You Ready?

By July 26, 2018 No Comments

Anyone who has ever turned on the television starting on June 1st has heard the word “hurricane” thrown around. Those who live in areas that get them a lot are definitely no strangers, but some think they are more invincible than others. While some have learned that nature isn’t to be messed with, there are others who haven’t quite experienced the damage that a full-fledged hurricane can produce. If this is your first hurricane season in Florida, or your first hurricane season living near water, you’ll want to get hurricane ready. Take our tips below as a guide for your preparations.

Remember Hurricane Matthew from less than 2 years ago? The crazy category 4 hurricane ended up causing more than $729 million in damages to the Carolinas and Georgia and produced more than 112,000 insurance claims. That’s over 112,000 homes that were hit with substantial damage – not just “a little bit”. As a whole, the state of Florida had more than 130,000 claims made throughout the entire year, which totaled more than $800 million during that same year.

Now here is the real question: if a huge storm were to hit you today, tomorrow, or next week, are you prepared physical and financially? Most people probably aren’t, and it’s important that you have the insurance to back you up in case you aren’t. Because of the climate changing, the sea, wind, and nature as a whole has become incredibly angry at the world, producing even more hurricanes than before. With the crazy change in the atmosphere, it’s important that you’re prepared now more than ever.

Contacting your local insurance representative will allow you to get the most comprehensive and affordable plan that caters to your home and what you need.  Whether you need coverage on the toys in your garage or you want simple coverage for things in your basement or around your home, we’re able to provide you with ample knowledge in finding that perfect plan. We can guide you through the process with ease without overwhelming you with confusing legal insurance jargon. 

As always, when hurricane season comes around, you should have your preparedness toolkit packed, and know what’s in your policy in case things get a little messy in your yard. You don’t just have to settle for home insurance or property insurance, either, you can receive packages that also look after your health, too; after all, you are the most important person (besides your family) that you must protect during the stormy season.

Download our Free Guide for a list of common hurricane-related damages that may or may not be covered in your policy:


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