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9 Signs of a Broken Water Main

By November 14, 2019 No Comments

Broken water mains can severely damage your home if let go undetected and unrepaired in a timely manner. The biggest issue here is that it often takes the homeowner a good amount of time before they even realize they have a problem on their hands. Leaks can appear in your floors, in the walls, and also in the ceiling.  Here are nine helpful signs for detecting a water main leak before it’s too late:

  1. Cracks in the foundation– Cracks can develop when leaking water seeps into the foundation of your house and causes cracks to develop. If left uncared for, this can weaken the entire structural integrity of your house.
  2. Damp drywall- Wet rings and damp drywall are a sure sign there is activity behind the wall and should be looked into right away. Dark spots are a tell-tale sign, as well.
  3. High water bills– When you have not changed your water-usage activity but have an increased water bill; this is a call to action. An increased water bill in association with damp dry wall or dark spots are good indicators that something serious is occurring.
  4. Water in the street– This is a very common sign of a leak. When a pipe ruptures, the water has nowhere to go and will back up into the street. It will bubble and is fairly noticeable.
  5. Water in the yard- Look out for standing water in your yard or even sinkholes. Please be aware that these conditions are a very serious risk to children and animals.
  6. Puddles in your home– If you see water accumulating in puddles under sinks or on the floor this is an indicator of a pipe leak and should be investigated swiftly. These will be much easier to detect than leaks in walls and ceilings.
  7. Low water pressure– When you experience low water pressure but are certain there is an abundance of water supply, that means there is a disconnect in the water main. The water line may be ruptured or clogged, which is, in turn, disrupting the flow to your home.
  8. Bad smell– When pipes are backed up, this causes dirty water and sewage to not travel to the intended destination of the sewer and will most often cause an unpleasant odor.
  9. Sounds of water– Whistling, banging, dripping in the pipes, as well as bubbling noises coming from the sink or toilet are sounds to pay attention to as they could be pointing out a significant problem in your pipes.

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