Breaking Insurance News

Keeping up with changes in the automotive world is important for all drivers. Breaking news can impact your immediate driving decisions; and long-term changes, such as new legislation that deals with cars or drivers, may require a change in your driving habits.

Whether it be a change in the cell phone laws, a mandatory recall of a serious nature, the launch of a new car model, or the passage of a new gasoline tax, you need to keep informed on the latest automotive news.

We recommend these great sites for automotive news―they are updated daily, so you can get the most up-to-date information before you hit the road.

The Auto Channel provides daily reports on all things related to vehicles. It offers reviews of new cars and features, pricing information, and announcements from the top auto manufacturers.

Edmunds offers a myriad of information on a vast variety of car-related topics. A sampling of its automotive news included: profit and loss results for car manufacturers; the launch of a new foreign car model; results from a customer service index study; and, an article on tax breaks for hybrids.

Auto News displays a full range of auto-related articles. Some recent articles revealed car recall information, the passage of recent automotive legislation, the hiring of a car manufacturer executive, and the results of union talks.

MSNBC allows drivers to access current automotive news and updates. Follow the latest on stories such as: gasoline prices around the country, a massive tire recall, the “worst cars of 2006,” and flex-fuel vehicle development.

Whether you just drive to work or school, or you’re on a long haul from coast to coast, DMV.ORG brings you the latest in automotive breaking news.