Annual Review

Your Life and Your Business Has Changed Over the Past Year, But Has Your Insurance Kept Up?

Your life changes and we want to make sure your insurance protection keeps pace, that’s why we recommend you contact us to review your policy, making sure you have the optimal coverage. We want your insurance decisions to be informed and we want that information to be easy for you to understand.

Some important things to consider in your annual review:

  • Has my marital status changed? Now married or divorced?
  • We have a new baby! Are we adequately covered?
  • My teenager now has a driver’s license. Is he or she automatically covered?
  • What is my Auto or Home policy deductible and what amount should I choose?
  • Have I added ALL household residents to my auto policy?
  • Do I need a Personal Umbrella Policy?
  • Have I added ALL my properties, vehicles, drivers and businesses to my existing Umbrella Policy?
  • I run a business out of my home – Do I need Home-Base Business Insurance?
  • Do I have adequate coverage on my home?
  • We added a pool or did significant renovations? Is that covered automatically?
  • Do I have a separate FLOOD Insurance policy? If not you could be in major peril.
  • Have I added coverage to my Homeowners Policy for my jewelry, watches and firearms? If not they are only covered to $1000 TOTAL
  • Have I covered the items I pull with my trailer hitch? Boat? RV? Trailer?

Business Insurance Review Questions

  • Have my needs changed this year?
  • Do I carry more inventory or less?
  • Have I purchased any new equipment / Have I sold any?
  • Do we perform new and different job descriptions this year?
  • Have my sales increased/decreased?
  • Do I have the same employees?
  • Have I hired / laid off employees? (is my payroll different?)

Have I made improvements to my Commercial Property?

  • New Roof?
  • Alarm System?
  • Have I started to lease part of my building to a Third Party?

I wonder if I would be covered if?

  • My freezer broke down and spoiled my entire inventory?
  • My door was left unlocked and someone stole all my equipment?
  • If I use my private vehicle for my commercial business?
  • If I give a client the wrong advice and they suffer a loss because of it?
  • If I make a mistake installing something and it causes a loss to my client?

Do my commercial tenants?

  • Provide me with certificates of Insurance every year?
  • Engage in a business that is dangerous or considered risky to my insurance company?

How do I rate my current Insurance service?

  • Does my agent call me every year to review any changes I might have?
  • If I call my agent, do they promptly return my call?
  • Do I receive helpful hints on safety and risk management?
  • Do I receive increases in premium without explanation?
  • Does my agent seem to remember me and treat me in a friendly personalized manner?

Please call us today at 1-866-968-0019 or contact us by email to set up a time to discuss these questions with one of our agents.