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How to Know If You Need More Liability Insurance

By November 30, 2017 No Comments

If you have your own business, liability is extremely important, and you should always have something to help back yourself up. This “something” is typically in the form of liability insurance. Whether you have an at-home business, or you’re someone that runs a legitimate commercial property, you’ll want to invest in liability insurance to get your back. Those that are in the medical field, dental field, or another type of professional service that’s considered “high-level”, you’ll want to invest in a good policy.

What Does Liability Insurance Do?

In short, when you invest in liability insurance for your business, you’ll receive coverage that reduces the cost of claims that are made again you or your business. You don’t have to work in the medical or dental fields to benefit most from this, either, many businesses ranging from IT to marketing consulting firms use this type of insurance.

Anytime someone makes a claim against your company, whether false or true, they may try “coming at you”. If this happens, and they’re able to get something, the cost you have to pay will be reduced immensely because you’ll have liability insurance to back you up. In a country where lawsuits are rampant, and the people trying to make these claims are even more saturated in the community, liability insurance is key in your businesses’ survival.

What Amount is Enough?

While each business is worth more or less than one another, and the claims that could be made will vary immensely, there are no two dollar amounts alike that will provide suitable coverage. You’ll want to discuss the best option for your business with a professional, and begin to analyze the potential risks you face as a business operator within the industry that you’re in.

One of the first things you’ll do (or should do) is look at any claims that have been made against your commercial facility recently. Do you find that they’re all under a certain range? If so, you should get coverage up to that amount. If you’re truly at risk for anything higher, then your insurance agent will discuss this with you.

It’s worth noting that if you have an incredible number of claims behind your business name, you’re most likely going to spend more on liability insurance, as they’ll charge you higher. This is because you’re seen as someone who is probably going to need it, and maybe more than once – it’s like car insurance! The more points you have, the higher your insurance. Depending on the number of claims, you may not even be able to get insured through some companies.

Projected Insurance Costs

At the end of the day, there are some liability insurance policies that are extremely inexpensive, but cover a lot for those businesses that remain responsible. Even if you only have a minimal amount, it’s still worth having it so you don’t have to spend a ton more, and you’ll have protection over more types of claims.

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