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Here’s How to Lower the Cost of Your Work’s Comp

By June 25, 2018 No Comments

There are plenty of business owners that think the cost for worker’s compensation is simply just another business expense and never try to get their rates lowered; however, it’s very much possible to save money on the worker’s comp policy for your workplace, and you don’t have to make others suffer, either!

What are high costs a result of?

  • A ton of claims towards the company that take entirely too long
  • Not seeing how you can lower the rates yourself

Here’s what you need to do in order to lower worker’s comp costs:

Taking Preventative Actions

You don’t have to wait until someone files a claim in order to lower the cost. Ensuring that your employees are filled to the brim with knowledge on how to stay safe is imperative and educating them on emergencies is also important. Those that spend extra money on making sure the employees and workspace are safe, can ensure a lower cost long-term.

Things you can do:

  • Create a safety program for employees
  • Create a crafty slogan for employees to remember and keep in the back of their minds

Learn More About an Employer Organization

Also known as a PEO, a professional employee organization is one that likes to manage any type of claim possible. You can choose various coverage plans that will allow you to negotiate and make sure costs are lower. Those that already have claims can ensure better resolution as a part of a professional employer organization.

When claims take entirely too long, you end up spending a ton more money. Making sure claims are resolved in a short manner will ensure saved money. Furthermore, there are return-to-work programs that your workplace can implement to ensure lower claim costs.

Take a Look at Safety from the Top

We all know to “be more safe”, but are there more questions that need to be answered starting with your mission statement? With your employees, your mission statement and safety programs are imperative to the success of your business and the productivity of your employees. You should ask yourself what your goal is as a company, and what kind of impression your company (and its safety measures) give off towards clients, competitors, and colleagues.

Safety doesn’t start with you and end with your policies – it ends with your employees also taking extreme effort in staying safe. You can hammer in their heads what they need to do, but not every employee takes it seriously. It’s an effort that’s company-wide and should be continuously worked on to avoid any injuries and worker’s comp claims.

There are more ways to cut costs while keeping your employee’s safety at an all-time high. There are businesses willing to work with you in order to provide a higher caliber of insurance for the best rate possible, just make sure to do your research and never settle for the first one you seek out.

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